Entrepreneurship Dark House formerly known as Entrepreneur magazine, in the first beginning, The Entrepreneur knew Mr. Shen and Mr. Niu. We have witnessed the revolutionary growth of EBH from a starter to a quoted company. Mr. Niu defines this generations of business starters as entrepreneurs in China. Before acquaint with Mr Niu, we seldom heard this name. We can confidently say that today's success is the result of keen sense of opportunity of the future and hard work to the past, let the enterprise keep growing continuously and update iteratively. The company experiences the Entrepreneur to Black Horse Camp, to Black Horse Competition alongside to IBlack Horse website, Black Horse Club, in the process of growth EBH constantly innovating to provide high-quality services for this generation of entrepreneurs with their missions and visions Not let the entrepreneurs feel lonely that touched so many young people who fought for it. Today, as one of the successful listing companies EBH begins a new journey, The good outcome matches the reality. All the heroes who have contributed to the success of EBH undoubtedly are the pride of the previous generation of Chinese media industry.