Stargo Interactive Entertainment Technology Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned pan-entertainment subsidiary of NOVAEX Cultural Development Group. It is mainly engaged in the development and operation of internet and mobile game products. It is also a pan-entertainment content operator for e-sports. The goal is to bring online e-sports into mainstream culture, expand and connect offline events and games based on online game IP. At the same time, offline users can be converted into online users. The industrial ecology shall develop positively in this way. So far, an e-sport ecology connecting online and offline has been built in an innovative industrial mode. It has a diversified and professional system with content production for the whole industrial chain. The innovative power continuously drive the development of cultural and industrial layout. The vision of Stargo Interactive Entertainment is pan-entertainment strategy, R&D of original content, cooperation with famous IP game production companies, promotion of “united online and offline game” concept and creating a new era of interactive entertainment for all.