1St Product Release of the DONE brand

Wizke Design celebrated the third company anniversary at Ling Space located in the Qianmen Street, Beijing. In the meanwhile, the company issued the independent brand DONE and released its first series of products named UNISEX during the celebration activity. This is one of the most important attempts from brand design to product design and investment operation. 300 ml large volume of skin care water, with a simple and comfortable shaped bottle design, the main ingredient of the product is young bifidobacteria. Among the skin care products, the main effect of bifidobacteria youth is anti-aging. Through the efforts of the research & design personnel and all parties, the product can work on the whole body. Not only can be applied to daily facial and primary care, but also in the bath bubble. It can even be compatible used with shampoo and bath bubbles. The experiment proved that bifidobacteria’s major function is to help hair and systemic skin hydrating and anti-aging, achieve tenderness and whitening. On the product launching day, our staff shared the information about brand positioning, brand background culture and products strengths, in the meanwhile we distributed the sample products for trial.